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“My pool enclosure? A guarantee of development!”

19 May 2016

Energy saving, extended use time… These are plenty of things to consider when buying a pool enclosure. But sometimes, it is just… unavoidable.

The management of a campsite is not always easy… unless you began very young. This is the case of Sébastien Ancieux, who manages the Eden La Vanoise campsite. The parents of this dynamic 39-year-old businessman acquired a campsite more than 15 years ago and the young man was aware of the changes in this sector. In 2011, under family pressure, he decided to go back to run the family campsite and took the opportunity to apply to manage a public service delegation, a municipal camping, Caravaneige l’Eden La Vanoise.
He has no shortage of ideas for the management of this campsite created in 1995, which has not really adapted to the changing tourist demand, but near La Plagne and Tignes, 

EDEN-7EDEN-7 possessed a potential for development. In addition, it is located only 7 km from the family campsite, located higher in altitude at 1500 m. This shows that Sébastien knows the region!

Sébastien’s candidacy was accepted by the town hall and as of October 2011, the former salesman rolled up the sleeves. He set up a mobile home rental offer, until then nonexistent and, above all, decided to cover the 6×12 m pool. “It was an absolute must”, he recalls. “We are a mountain campsite, open from 15 December to 30 September, with two distinct seasons. Covering the pool made it possible to use it from February, a delight for skiers who can relax in the pool at the end of the day. And especially a good selling point! “


EDEN-4EDEN-4 The search for a supplier led him from Internet research to an exhibition where he met Abrisud. “Not so easy to find a good value for money”, says Sébastien. “You have to know that we are in the mountains and that our enclosure must withstand heavy snowfall. Abrisud offered us a curved enclosure so that the snow slips down the sides fix this enclosure on a 40 cm-high wall, which reduces the risks. In case of abundant snowfall, snow accumulates along the low wall and spares the walls of the enclosure. Ingenious!”

A clever technical solution, an affordable price, efficient assemblers… a priori, the company has everything good. “A posteriori too”, smiled our manager. “The site constructed in time, without any incidents, especially since we were able to test the resistance of the enclosure right away. As of November 2012, we had 60 cm of snow! “


EDEN-1EDEN-1 What Sébastien does not mention is the energy savings achieved by installing the enclosure. He succeeds the challenge of keeping the pool water at 30/32°C in the enclosure, with an outside temperature of -5°C, all without blowing up the counters. “This enclosure was a strategic decision, which makes it possible to seduce nomad campers, always ready to leave on the first day of rain. An indoor swimming pool helps offset the negative impact of a grey day, which can occur even in the middle of summer. It is, of course, still too early to measure the results in terms of occupancy rates. “The enclosure is only functional since October 2012. I will be able to genuinely measure the impact after two seasons”, says Sébastien.

The municipality can rejoice. Between setting up mobile homes, joining the Flower network, the realisation of the pool enclosure, their new manager has given the campsite a new life…

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