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Nommerlayen campsite enclosure: It was impossible… and they did it!

19 May 2016

How is an improvised campsite transformed into a five-star facility? With experience, time (35 years, nevertheless), focus on tourists, two superb swimming pools… and a completely unique enclosure !



In the 1970s when Robert’s father transformed one of his fields into a campsite, the young Luxembourger did not really feel involved. He had just completed his agricultural studies and Régina, who had recently come into his life, had specialised in geology. Nothing to do, a priori, with the management of a campsite. After the death of her father-in-law, Régina suddenly found herself catapulted to the stewardship of what is now called an outdoor hotel establishment. The young woman was perplexed. Neither she nor her husband had any idea how to develop the place.

The years that passed by trained them… Sometimes the hard way. In 35 years, the couple transformed what was only a gathering of tents into a superb five-star campsite, recognised as “Superplatz” by the Germans, particularly connoisseurs in the field. In 1988, Robert and Régina embarked on putting in a pool, soon followed by a second pool. An initiative that pleased the customers!

But let us not forget that we are in the north of Europe and that unfortunately Luxembourg does not benefit from a Mediterranean climate. By dint of hearing the tourists sigh and regret loudly that Nommerlayen (the name of the place) does not have an indoor pool, Robert formed a project to cover the second pool. However… he wanted the possibility of completely opening the structure to take full advantage of the proximity of the two pools.



Easier to imagine than to do! The project took time… first of all, to raise the money (it is no small matter) and then to find the company that would work on the construction, because most of the builders contacted refused the project as they considered it too large. After a long quest, Robert finally showed interested in Swim all seasons. After manufacturing a special aluminium structure, the company designed a gigantic sliding structure, fully foldable.

“It is not as easy as it sounds”, Regina lamented. It takes two people (one on each side) to fold the whole structure and it must be pushed symmetrically! The enclosure cannot be opened by one person. Perfectionist, the managing director still regrets the late finishes and the emergence of some unexpected problems since the completion of the structure in June 2010, while recognising that Swim all seasons takes everything to heart.
Tourists were delighted. It must be said that even though the pool is heated, the room is not. However, when the sun shines on a cool morning, as is the case at the moment, the temperature rises very quickly under the enclosure, making the aquatic experience almost tropical, to the swimmers’ delight.


Despite the worries caused by this unusual project, Régina smiles when she looks at the enclosure, then her husband whose initiative has made it possible to satisfy their customers… and to keep them a little longer on the site!

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