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Grands singes sous abri

19 May 2016

Nénette one of three female orangutans. Photo: © J. Munier MNHN 

For several months now, the National Museum of Natural History of Paris has been one of Swim all season customers!


The Museum has chosen to equip the Menagerie, the Jardin des Plantes zoo, with a enclosure to protect the Borneo orangutan area, a species threatened with extinction. It is estimated that by 2022, fires, often illegal exploitation of exotic wood and planting of oil palms will have destroyed 98% of the forests in which it lives.


This species deserved an improvement in its living conditions thanks to the installation of an enclosure protecting the very old cages of the Menagerie. Animal welfare is always taken into account in the development of cages, A structure to conserve and diffuse the maximum luminosity was required for the animals to find their way through the foliage of the trees, indispensable to recreate the natural life space of these primates. Also, the structure had to be mobile, in order to be able to open it up to the maximum to ensure optimal ventilation in good weather. In winter, the animals can stay in this bright place where the heat is preserved to ensure a minimum temperature of about 10 degrees. The caretakers in charge of these animals appreciated the great manoeuverability of the Swim all season enclosures to be able to open and close the enclosure several times a day, simply and quickly.


For the installation of this enclosure, the cage structure had to be raised to ensure that the animals could not reach the roof: “Orangutans are animals of very great strength and can be very destructive”, explains Christelle Hano, in charge of the team of primate caretakers of the Menagerie. “The animals were curious about this transparent structure, but very quickly adapted to these new developments, and after a few days, they were no longer surprised… On the other hand, they were much more thwarted by the fact that they could no longer interact with the public. Before, they were able to launch things to the public, which is no longer the case…” 

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