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Pools optimised to receive holidaymakers all year round

11 May 2016


For the Nommerlayen camping in Luxembourg for example,the design of an enclosure to cover a 50 m x 15 m pool had to be completely rethought. This high enclosure weighs 22.4 tonnes and slides on galleries forming its load-bearing walls constituted by sliding glass windows. The telescopic enclosure can be manipulated by two people. It was made of 32 mm polycarbonate foam to ensure maximum insulation (the standard is 8 mm). The aluminium profiles are painted in slate grey. The maximum height of this enclosure is 4.25 m and its dimensions are 18.8 mx 60.8 m. This design conforms to current standards and benefited from the calculations of pressure resistance (snow, wind, rain…) realised by the “SWIM ALL SEASONS” by ABRISUD design office.


“SWIM ALL SEASONS” by ABRISUD offers large-with enclosures to cover the outdoor pools of campsites. Result: pools are accessible all year round for better profitability of the campsites and the greatest satisfaction of the holiday makers.

Why did this campsite choose a “Swim All Seasons” pool enclosure by Abrisud?


To reduce maintenance constraints

 The enclosure ensures the perenniality of the pool over time

An outdoor pool is subject to strong climatic variations (frost, snow, wind…), which damage the structure and require constant maintenance. Significant operating costs can be reduced by installing a large-width structure.

The pool enclosure has a windbreak function and a heat accumulator to increase the temperature of the water and the ambient air. It also protects against the different sources of pollution: leaves, pollen, insects, small animals…

It is truly equipment that ensures the durability of the pool in time.


For the satisfaction of holidaymakers

an outdoor pool is usable on average 2 months in the year.

With an enclosure and without thermal installation, an indoor pool is usable from Easter to All Saints Day.

Combined with air and water heating, holidaymakers can enjoy the pool all year round!

Holidaymakers are satisfied whatever the climatic conditions: 

‐ Time for some sunshine? The modules slide to allow open-air swimming (openings on the sides, but also on the roof for open-air swimming).

‐ Rainy weather? Tourists do not flee the campsite. They can enjoy the pool and a very nice view of the outside. Developing the outside of the pool even creates a real space for relaxation, conviviality or even consumption with the installation of a bar.


Optimising the off-season filling rate at a lower cost

by extending the use of the pool has positive consequences on the filling rate of the campsite.

A large-width enclosure is easy to install and less expensive than a permanent structure.

Swim all seasons is the large-width pool enclosure specialist, manufacturing for communities, hotels, campsites, manufacture, delivery, installation and customer services. Swim all seasons by Abrisud is the European leader in manufacturing large-width pool enclosures.