A development factor

Why cover a swimming pool ?

Our solutions to boost your business

Choosing Swim all seasons means protecting your pool from the vagaries of the weather, but also enhancing it by differentiating and qualitative equipment

Advantages: better filling rate, profitability and loyalty!

Sun Abris

More reservations in advance

20%: this is the increase in the filling rate generated by our customers following the installation of an enclosure*

A rate that rises earlier in the season thanks to the accelerator effect of the enclosure that encourages reservations in advance, independent of the uncertainties of the weather.

* Average increase calculated by our customers

Profitability & turnover

Your recreational equipment guarantees all-weather use, encouraging your holidaymakers to stay and consume on the spot (refreshment bar, recreational services of grocery…) rather than outside.

An additional lever to generate turnover.

Sun Abris
Sun Abris

Extension of the season

The living spaces under enclosures extend the tourist activity before and after the season when the weather is uncertain. It is truly a device to capture a clientele wishing to ensure a leisure activity even off season.

Swim All seasons

Swim all seasons is the large-width pool enclosure specialist, manufacturing for communities, hotels, campsites, manufacture, delivery, installation and customer services. Swim all seasons by Abrisud is the European leader in manufacturing large-width pool enclosures.